Cooperative Agreement with Bangalore

Cooperative Institution: EARTH University

Dates of Agreement: 05/01/00 - 06/30/05

Program Manager: J. Sartain

EARTH University is featured in Learning to Save the Rain Forest, One Small Business at a Time in the Chronicle of Higher Education

A cooperative agreement was established between the University of Florida and the Escuela de Agrícola de la Región Tropical Humida (EARTH) on May 1, 2000, and will extend through June 30, 2005. Dr. Jerry Sartain is the program manager within UF and Dr. Daniel Sherrard and Dr. B.K. Singh are the programmatic contacts within EARTH.

The primary objective of the agreement is the development of cooperative efforts between the University of Florida and EARTH, which will enhance the academic interchange between the two institutions. Recognizing the importance of mutual collaboration and the contributions to society made by institutions of higher education, the parties desire to promote exchange between the faculty and students of the two institutions as well as the exchange of academic and research information.

Specific projects in the areas of educational interest and research will be selected as a result of coordination by the University of Florida and EARTH in each institution. University of Faculty have had long standing ties with EARTH through cooperative research efforts. Research facilities at EARTH are ideal for cooperative efforts between the University of Florida faculty interested in Tropical Agriculture and those of EARTH. The small tropical rainforest located on the campus offers opportunities which are not currently available to University of Florida faculty.

Students graduating from EARTH are fully accredited Bachelor of Science graduates eligible for direct admission into the University of Florida Graduate School. Numerous EARTH students have already applied for graduate studies at the University of Florida and we look forward to many more under the agreement. EARTH offers and excellent opportunity for graduate training the area of international tropical agriculture for our graduate students and we look forward to the opportunity to student exchange.

Should you desire additional information relative to educational or research opportunities under this cooperative agreement feel free to contact Dr. Jerry B. Sartain,